Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Late again!

As usual I have managed to finish a lovely warm winter crochet project just in time for the hot weather. Hey ho! Anyway, as my friend over at Loves2Crochet expressed an interest and I thought there might be one or two others who would like to see what I have been up to I have at long last taken some photos to show you.
It all started last year when I found a pattern for a thick jacket, made in a sort of rib pattern which is achieved by each row being worked round the post of the stitch in the previous row rather than into the top. Alternately behind and in front, then behind in the ones behind and in front of the ones in front, just ordinary trebles (or doubles if you are in the US)
This is what the jacket looks like. It isn't easy to take a picture of these things without a dummy but my husband refused to co-operate!

Then I looked at my stash of wool and decided to use up a lot of bits and bobs by making a sleeveless jacket in the same rib. I varied it by putting a wide band down each side at the front in the other direction, building the neck up a bit mandarin collar style and fixing with three HUGE buttons which I found in the Fabric8 shop in Felixstowe. More pics follow

Hope you are impressed Ha ha!

That's Life!

My life really has been just jotting along recently. I'm not complaining, it's all been quite relaxing and serene, although the weather has been unseasonally hot and dry so I have horrendous hay fever. We had a visit from a cousin of mine who I knew when we were children but have had only occasional contact with as adults. It was a bit like finding a long lost brother. I can't really explain in detail as it wouldn't be right to talk about things here which are personal to other people, but it was a really lovely day.
I am now planning on what to do on Friday. Sorry, but although I may just put the tele on to see what Kate's dress looks like I shan't be watching the wedding. I might do some weeding Ha Ha!