Friday, 10 July 2015

Another lunch, and the day itself

I have been having so much fun I forgot to post about my lunch a couple of weeks ago at a Turkish restaurant with my friend Lynne over at Greedy Piglet .  It is in a rather odd place, on the A12 dual carriageway at Capel St Mary which is about 5 minutes the other side of Ipswich.  It is in the building next to a petrol station and used to be a Little Chef, or some such.  Anyway, you would never know it.
Lynne and I have met a few times and talk on Twitter and Facebook but this was the first opportunity we have had to talk one to one for any length of time, which was grand. We both started with squid rings in batter and then had sort of flat bread type things, the names of which I have forgotten

I am so keen to get on with eating I keep forgetting to do the photo before I start!  After Lynne went home I went to the Capel Garden Centre which just happens to have a craft shop in it.  Yes I did.

So, onto the big day itself.  I cooked breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon, mushroom and hash browns. Then later I went to have coffee with my cousin Tessa and her husband. They recently moved close by.  Then I went and had a wander round the shops in Woodbridge. Then I went home and got lunch - in my case, the rest of my breakfast, toast and marmalade..  I had a bit of a snooze in the afternoon and then, early evening me and him went to Black Tiles for a meal.  I had pear, walnut and stilton salad and he had spaghetti neopolitana (I think) which was a rich spaghetti with two red mullet fillets on top.  For pud I had chocolate truffle cake with orange sorbet and he had rhubarb and apple crumble.
We left the restaurant at about 7.15 and, by arrangement I texted our dear friends Heather and John and they hot footed it round to our house for coffee. and I am now the proud, very proud, owner of this
Heather took up quilting only a few years ago and I have seen quilts she has made for other people but she has been so busy of late that I was extra delighted to receive it.  Only problem is, it looks lovely on the settee (and I have already fallen asleep under it once,) but I need to change the cushion covers. so last night I spent too much time and maybe a little too much money, on fabric to patchwork some to match. Like I needed a new hobby to fill up my copious free time.