Thursday, 2 February 2017

Cat Whispering

For those of you interested enough to come and read this, thank you.
The induction consisted of some health and safety stuff and a tour of the premises, except the dogs. I am a little uneasy around dogs I don't know and as they are good at picking up peoples emotions I am not considered, nor do I want, to be involved with the canines. I saw the ferrets, mice, bunnies, a turkey and a canary and hen all the lovely cats. You will have already seen the bit about red amber and green I think. For the first few weeks I can only go in with the green ones.  I was given some instructions about procedures and then had about an hour to spend. The socialisers spend about ten minutes or so with each cat in its own space. They have an area with a scratching post, bed and toys which you get into through the front door. The doors at each end of the access corridor must be closed before you do this, as illustrated by the second cat I went in with who shot past me in a bid for freedom. He let me pick him up and put him back easily tho'. He is a stray who was very nervous but is improving. He meows all the time but goes quiet once someone is in with him. However, after a bit of playing he decided to be scared of my feet so he was fine playing until I moved and then he shot into his private quarters and peered at me through the cat flap that accesses them. They can get away from people, go into a darker environment and there is a lovely cosy bed up on a shelf.
The first cat let me stroke him for a bit but then told me he didn't want it anymore, not by biting or scratching but just with a look and a turning around.
The third one was a gorgeous little girl, long haired beige and brown and a real love bug. She didn't want me to stop stroking her, and head butted a lot and ended up with her back legs on the tower and her front legs on my shoulder.
I also talked to two ladies who are regulars, doing the same thing. They were in with the amber cats as well and I couldn't find any other greens. I also got a bit more gbackground and procedure before I went from another member of staff.  Obviously not all the cats want to be petted all the time but just getting used to people being in with them does them good. Although they are kept separate hey have lots of space and the corridor and doors all let in lots of light.
I am allowed to take photos for myself but mustn't share on social media unless they are ready to be rehomed so will post some next week if I get the chance.
It was a lovely experience, very calming and I dint think about anything else while I was there. It's going to be my 90 minute meditation!