Monday, 5 December 2011

It's been a long time

Three months, more than that in fact! I am a failed blogger, my Twitter profile admits it so it must be true! But as I had the temerity to put this blog address on my Christmas letter I thought I'd better write something. Anyone who has been here before will know that I was determined only to write positive things and I am pleased to say that I can now do so, as my mum has been succesfully treated for breast cancer and my husband has come to terms with loosing an eye. Yes, I know, sounds awful doesn't it - but it has been an extraordinary 6 months and a steep learning curve on all sorts of levels and I think we have all emerged stronger for the experiences.
I didn't get round to making all my Christmas cards but I have done some and you can see a selection over at NC&NF (click HERE) if you want to.
At least I am a bit ahead of myself now and getting things done in good time. There are lots of cuttings in the little greeh house and maybe I will manage to keep them alive until Spring. This time last year we had been under a lot of snow for a month so that's something else to be grateful for. All in all life is pretty good. I hope it is for you too.