Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Hundred Birthday Days

It isn't my birthday until July but it's one of those with a 0 on the end so I had planned on having a big party.  But then stuff happened.  Stuff that has no place here because this blog is only about nice things, but some of you will know anyway and for those who don't it was only illness related, me, hubby and mum, so not really nasty stuff, but I just haven't felt like coming here for a while.
So, after the stuff, I decided that it was too much of a risk to have a do and then find I wasn't up to it when the time came.  Then I thought, "well, you never get to talk to everybody properly in a crowd so why not have lots of little get togethers, trips out etc" and that is what I decided to do.  So, from now to the end of July I shall be keeping a look out for days when the opportunity arises, and that's about a 100 days of possibilities.  Well, I say days, of course, they can't be full days as I have my carer duties to perform although they will, some of them at least, help me suss out some places for wheelchair friendliness.
So, today I went for lunch with a friend to  The Swan at Westerfield.  It is very comfortable and the menu is varied.  We both had Walnut and Gorgonzola Ravioli followed by Caramelised Lemon Tart with Lemon Sorbet and Raspberry Coulis.  Both were fab.  Generally I think it would be accessible but there is no disabled loo, which is a shame.
Then, my friend and I both having carefully checked opening times on the website, we went to Helmingham Hall  but it was closed.  Later checks revealed that the info on the Google site was wrong but the proper website was right.  Silly us.
So we got lost.  Literally.  On purpose. Well, sort of.  And we ended up at Easton Farm Park which has changed a lot since I was last there but was interesting, although much more oriented towards children now.  Then we got sort of lost again, but that didn't matter because the Suffolk countryside is very lovely and were home in time for tea!
P.S. I took a nice photo of a swan that I was going to put at the top of this post but Blogger seems to be having difficulty with that. Sorry!