Saturday, 8 October 2016

My 5th Park Run

Wouldn't you know it! Today I could have overtaken people but I'd volunteered to be tail runner so I wasn't allowed to.  It rained today, and I discovered the best way to keep the rain off my glasses was not to wear them. Fortunately I can still see where I am going.
I bought myself a proper knee support so wore that for the first time and it certainly helped although I only jogged a tiny bit as the people just in front were only walking. My time won't be a PB but that's OK and I shall make a big effort next week. I also got myself a lovely bright mauve Regatta lightweight breathable waterproof jacket half price on eBay but only put it on at the end when it really started to chuck it down.
In other news, I can now just ( and I do mean j.....ust) get into my tweed skirts. I think I should have measured in between the waist and hip measurements to see how my middle age spread was diminishing, although it doesn't look any smaller!
I did go for a brisk walk/bit of a jog yesterday as I had letters to post and I got to the post box and back in 15 minutes. It is almost a mile so that wasn't too bad and it was the fastest I have ever done it so a bit of jogging does improve my time.
I am resolved to go out for at least one other walk every week, plus I walk to the Heath for Bible study on a Monday and play badminton on a Thursday so feeling quite good about it all and determined to improve.