Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Getting fit?

For those of you that have the time, and for me to remind myself, I thought I might resurrect the blog and witter on about my challenge to myself to lose weight inches and gain fitness.  There are some people who are not friends on Facebook who may read this so sorry to those for whom this is a bit of a repeat
Today I bought a serious pair of trainers, not easy when you have feet like mine! I need depth as well as width due to a big bunion that belies above as well as to the side. I did find some but on this occasion would have chosen other than pink if I had had the choice.  I doubt I will be running but I do like to walk purposefully and so I have registered for Parkrun in Kesgrave so I can compete against myself. First target is to do 5k under 40 minutes
I might start doing 5:2 eating again but at first I will make sure all three meals happen inside 12 hours. I am just reducing my portion sizes and will gradually start sorting out my calorie counting. For example, only one handful of cereal instead of two, four prunes instead of six, not drowning it in soya milk. Only one roll or two slices of bread instead or 2/4 at lunchtime and less filling except for salad stuff which I will increase. If I have fruit juice, have it half and half with water. No eating between meals but drinking more water.  Depending on the weather, walking to the top of the road and back, or the Heath, which is a mile or so, every day. Or doing half an hour dancing on the Wii.
Weekly badminton starts again next week.
Most of you know that I have fibromyalgia and care for my wheelchair bound husband so I abandoned the idea of getting a bike as I haven't ridden one for nearly 50 years and I am worried about falling off and putting myself out of commission.
I have ordered one of those fitness bracelet things, about a quarter of the price of a Fitbit but it looks like it will do what I want.
The bad news is that I am starting in earnest tomorrow but have a lunch date.