Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Alphabe-Thursday Summer Blue

Jenny's summer school is more than half way through now. It is beginning to feel like autumn here already, our summer has been too short this year and I hope it is going to give us a second chance before it gives up altogether. This week we have reached the colour blue
I love the blue of the sky in high summer, I love the blue of cobalt glass, I love the blue of cornflowers. But I don't wear blue very often, and here's the reason why

Something like this little chart hung on the wall of the Art Room when I was in the Sixth Form at school. (Sixth Form is the last two years, aged 16/17 and 17/18) When I started there the uniform rules were very strict. White shirt, navy with a thin blue diagonal stripe tie, navy gored skirt which should touch the floor when kneeling, navy blazer etc etc and the most unflattering pale blue cotton dress for summer. I can't even bring myself to talk about the hat. Anyway, the uniform changed when I was about 15 and then the rules eased off even more and we were told that, within reason, we could wear anything blue or white in our last term. This was the term when we would be doing our final school exams so we were no longer prefects at that stage. And of course, girls being girls, we all pushed the limits of what could or could not be described as blue and so the art mistress put a chart up on the wall and if there was any doubt you had to go and get her to match your clothing against the chart and got into trouble if you didn't coincide with the top line (blues that were blue) but had strayed too close to the next two lines (blues that were greeny blue or mauvey blue) The colours haven't quite come out as I intended but you get the idea. So when I left school I avoided blue because I was just too fed up with it and here I am nearly 40 years later and I still don't choose it!

Maybe I will find something to change my mind HERE


  1. That's kinda sad. They ruined blue for you!


  2. Blue is the colour football is the game. Sorry that just camme into my mind as I read your blog lol
    I love blue it really is my favourite colour . I love your blue palete picture

  3. Schools can be such cruel places!

  4. It would be hard to wear the same color everyday because you have too.

  5. Blue was my school uniform colour too! I very rarely by blue now but I always put that down to having boys and wanting different colours around!

  6. geez, i am pretty sure that would have ruined blue for me as well ... what harsh treatment.

  7. I love blue and wear it often - probably because I had black hair and my sister was blonde, so I was always dressed in red and she was dressed in blue. I always wanted the blue, and have been drawn to it ever since.

  8. Gosh, sounds like a tough school.

    You look like you would be lovely in cobalt blue with your beautiful skin and hair color!

    It's funny how colors give us emotions.

    This was an interesting link for Rainbow Summer School.

    Thanks for sharing your story.


  9. Blues and green are my favourites and I love to see them together. Funnily enough, blue was the colour of my school uniform too.