Monday, 30 May 2011

All change!

Life has been a bit complicated this last few weeks and I really had to wait until I was feeling more positive before I told you all about it. True to my brief of only posting positive posts I won't go into all the details of how OH managed to hurl himself out of his wheelchair at The Heath and damage his right eye sufficiently to make it unlikely that he will ever get the sight back. For the first couple of weeks I needed a spreadsheet to work out when all the drops and cream and antibiotics had to be down and I had to neglect my mum a bit, in spite of her own mini crisis which we will come to in a minute.

The decision has been made that OH will not drive anymore so I am going to sell my car and drive his instead. We need to use his because of the space in the boot for the wheelchair and the electric hoist but at the moment I still have to use my own car for my own purposes and only drive his when I am taking him somewhere, due to various laws about these things so there's a bit of sorting out to do before that change can take place. It means I shall have to get my personal auto-pilot reset to driving the automatic rather than the manual. At the moment when I drive the automatic I keep saying "don't change gear, don't change gear" and then when I get into mine I forget to change gear for a few minutes! That may make me look a bit of a nit-wit but trying to change gear in the automatic can do real damage.

It's going to mean quite a big change in our lives too as he has effectively wiped out what bit of independence he had and will be totally reliant on me to go out, so I shall have to make sure that appointments for me, mum and him co-ordinate!

Then, the day after it happened we got an offer on mum's flat. Those of you in the UK will know that the process of buying and selling property is more than a little complicated, and as it is what I used to do for part of my living, I know more than most what could go wrong before it is finalised. We have been trying to get her moved closer to us since last August but I am not counting any chickens

I have been quite overwhelmed by the amount of love and prayers coming our way. I have realised in a more meaningful way just how many friends I have gained since we moved here. I have 2 churches looking after me, and such good cousins and almost cousins. And I really have felt God with me and His support and guidance and we are already seeing how things could have been so much worse and so counting our blessings. We will be alright. OH is back to reading the paper at the weekend and doing the dishwasher all wrong just as he did before! There was a moment there when I could have turned my face to the wall but it didn't last.


  1. Oh dear! So sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations - and they don't space themselves out either, do they. In they charge, all at once. However, as an elderly lady friend used to tell me, remember that these things come .. to pass. *smile* Your hubby's fall must have been a corker, but I'm glad to hear he's on the road to recovery, even if his sight is somewhat compromised. It'll be a difficult period for you both, adjusting to the new routines - and I'm sure you'll start to feel like a taxi service. I know I do - I drive my hubby everywhere because I have the driving licence and he doesn't! Still, I'm sure you'll find an equitable way through it all. Good luck with your Mum's property negotiations, here's hoping it all goes smoothly.

  2. **hugs** as you know I have been following your trauma and hoping the best for you. I hope that as he settles back into a routine, he may change his mind and decide to drive again, allowing you and him to keep your independence. It must be a terribly worrying time for you all round, you are a very strong woman.

  3. May God's strength be with you both. I always believe things happen for a reason it's just that sometimes we have no idea what the reason could be. Leave it in God's hands and allow your friends and relatives to be a shoulder.
    Blessings to you both

  4. I didn't know all this had happened. I'm so sorry to hear of what you and your OH have been through but it sounds like you're dealing with it very positively. Well done you!

    Lots of hugs x

  5. So sorry to hear you are having to go through all of this and sending loads of love hugs and strength your way Xxxxx

  6. Uhooi,,
    Waw,, It's very nice, creative and beautiful,

  7. You have got a very full plate there, but it sounds like you have everything under control - well done :)