Monday, 16 January 2012

Simple things

It's funny how the very simple things can make you smile (and no, I am not talking about my husband although someone might want to make that comment - you know who you are) When I was a child and into my teens we didn't have a washing machine, and then we had a twin tub which was very heavy and unwieldy and when it went wrong we didn't replace it. So, washing day really was a job for the whole day, just like my nana used to do. She had to boil the copper first. We had to light the fire or put the immersion on, so that wasn't so bad. The sheets were the worst things, and they had to be done in the bath. So, I just love it when I get home from shopping and come into the house and hear the washing machine churning merrily away. That's the sort of multi-tasking I appreciate, doing the washing and the shopping at the same time. You young'uns, hah! don't know what hard work is etc etc mutter mutter.
By the way, if you didn't catch my Christmas/12th night ghost story, in my previous post, please do read it and offer me your sincere criticism


  1. When I switch on the washing machine I often think of my mum and her delight in the wringer washer. Before the wringer she used a washboard.

  2. When I had my first baby, just over 30 years ago I din't have a washing machine.

    I used cloth nappies and had a large metal bucket to boil them in on the cooker.

    The rest was washed by hand or the occasional visit to the launderette.

    Yep, the younguns have no idea! lol