Monday, 15 June 2015

Birthday Holiday #1

A couple of weeks ago I found myself in the unusual situation of having almost nothing that "had" to be done.  So I decided to make good use of it and pretended I was on holiday.  This involved not watching what I ate and drank TOO closely and getting together with friends and generally trying not to fret about the things that I decided didn't have to be done.
On the Saturday I cut my hair, I took about three inches off and was pleased with the result, and then in the evening I dyed it sort of dark reddy pink.  I went to see my mum as usual. I also "went" to the opera.  BBC4 showed a film of the production of Peter Grimes that Aldeburgh music did on the beach last year so I settled down and watched it properly and it was fabulous.
On Monday it was a bank holiday so I went to a car boot sale early looking for books and DVDs that might keep my other half entertained.  I failed, but it was a nice day so I had an hour in the early sunshine. I'm sure I did something in the afternoon but I cant remember what it was for the moment! 

On Tuesday I went to Darsham Nurseries with two friends for lunch which was very good indeed.  I had rabbit ragout with soft polenta, followed by roast apricots with meringue and something else, I've forgotten.  However, our further plans were thwarted as we were going to go and have a look round the Yoxford Antiques Centre but discovered it was closed on Tuesdays. I do hope this isn't going to develop into a theme!  So we went to Framlingham instead and sat in luxury in The Crown with a nice cup of tea
Lazy day on Wednesday, then on Thursday my school friend came to visit and we went out....yes, you've guessed it, for lunch!  This time to the Farm Shop Cafe at Marlesford.  We both had asparagus salad followed by raspberry and chocolate roulade.  Then we went for a walk along the river wall at Woodbridge and talked and talked and talked.

On the Saturday I went to meet my new friend Tabitha

Then it was back to normal for a few days but on the Wednesday it was such a lovely day I decided I wanted to go to Stonham Barns and persuaded OH to come with me.  I belong to a group on Facebook for photos of Suffolk so I took the proper camera with me.

We took a picnic and I had a wander round the shops but resisted temptation and we caught two of the flying demos.
We've also "been to the movies" a few times.  Best seats in the house of course, thank you to the man who invented the DVD.  I will do a separate post about those.
Since then I have been back to normal (for a given definition of normal) but am now looking forward to some more excitement next fortnight or so!

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