Thursday, 11 February 2010

D is for Dictionaries

It's Thursday again and that means another post for Jenny Matlock's challenge Alphabe-Thursday. Go HERE to see other D posts

I have just gone round the bookshelves in our house and found 24 dictionaries. I won't list them all individually but there are 2 Law, 3 French/English, 1 French, 2 Quotations, 4 English, 2 Latin/English, and 1 each German/Eng, Modern Greek/Eng, New Testament Greek/Eng, Bible, Phrase and Fable, Synonyms and Antonyms, Rhyming, Crossword, First Names, Initials.
I don't have an American/English dictionary which is a shame because I now realise that my B post confused a few people because I talked about blackberry jam and blackberry jelly and I now realise that what the English call jam is what the Americans call jelly. Not sure what Americans call what we call jelly in this context because I'm not talking about Jello but a jam that has been strained through muslin to get rid of all the seeds and pips and lumpy bits
We do a lot of looking things up in this house. We like to use words correctly. Like "Decimate" which means to reduce BY a tenth not TO a tenth. So if your crops are decimated it isn't that bad!
Another favourite word of ours that begins with D is "Discombobulated" which I often am. No, not telling, if you don't know you'll have to look it up in a Dictionary


  1. Now I'm confused. To me, jam has the seeds and jelly does not. Jelly is a different consistency also. But sometimes I call jam preserves. So now I have a headache! We have quite a few dictionaries in our home also, but I'm sure we don't have 24! Hope you have a great weekend. Kathy

  2. I only have one good dictionary, and my cat threw up on it yesterday. That is interesting to know about decimate. If I use it now, I will use it appropriately.

  3., that's a lot! I think we have 2...great post!

  4. You have a lot of them. I'm thinking there might be three or four dictionaries in this house.

  5. I love dictionaries. I love words. I love that Julie wrote the cat threw up on her dictionary. I love Alphabe-Thursday.

    I think I know jelly as being clear and jam and preserves as having whole pieces of fruit preserved in them.

    And I can decimate a jar of homemade strawberry preserves in no time.

    And you are absolutely D elightful!

    Love your writing, love the way your mind works!

    My Mom gets really annoyed at me for "loving" so many things! I can't help it! I'm exuberant! And even though that's not a D word I am exuberant because your post was awesome!


  6. I have a few dictionaries but I don't really use them much anymore. When I'm looking for a word now, I look on the computer. I wonder if some day there will be no more book dictionaries. They will be antiques, hmmmmm.

  7. In America ( at least the parts I have lived may be different from region to region.)-

    -Jelly is a fruit spread that has had all seeds and bits of fruit strained out, used to make sandwiches or spread on toast.
    -Jam is a fruit spread that contains seeds and/or small pieces of fruit, used to make sandwiches or spread on toast.
    -Preserves have large chunks or even whole pieces of fruit. Sometimes put on toast, but it doesn't spread because of the big chunks. Often used when cooking meat (like ham) and is sometimes served warm over icecream or baked brie cheese as an appetizer or dessert.
    -Jello is gelatin, served as a side dish at meals. Tiny little fruit flavored granules are mixed with water and set in the refrigerator to set into a somewhat jiggly solid. Sometimes fruits or vegetables or marshmallows or whipped cream are added to make a salad or dessert.

  8. I think I should have waited till after breakfast or, definitely coffee, to read your post! My mind isn't working yet ( my sons tease me that it rarely works! ).

    Just kidding, interesting post! Also, thanks for the info on McLinky. I hope I get it right next time. Jenny always has to bail me out!

  9. I love the word discombobulated! Son1's friend used to use and we thiught she'd made it up! It's a very descriptive word for how I feel most of the time! Glad you're back!!

  10. I'll definitely look up that "Discombobulated" word..24 dictionaries in different languages, now that's impressive.

  11. I think discombobulated is my "normal" state.

    oh, i have two "good" dictionaries and a one dictionary that i cut up and use in my scrapbooking ... you never know when you might need a texty flower!

  12. Dear Jaydubblah,
    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my Alphabe-Thursday-post for "D" s in "Dress-up".
    I should have thought of dictionary. I have lots and lots of dictionaries!
    Nice blog. Glad I discovered your "oasis of calm"! I shall return!
    Best wishes,

  13. Hi! Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit today. We love having company. I am visiting your blog for the first time today. I will have to come back and try to catch up on my reading--it looks quite interesting! Strange how words take on different meanings in different parts of the country.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. We have a few dictionaries here but nowadays just use the online ones..

  15. Hmmmm, we always called the stuff made from juiced fruit (strained), jelly. The stuff with bits of seeds, and a few lumps, jam. The stuff with chunks of fruit, marmalade.

  16. why dont you Japanese/English dictionary?