Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Wednesday Waffle #003

When I went out for my walk this morning I thought that at long last there was a smell of Spring in the air and the wind was actually almost warm.
It's been quite a busy week and blog watching has been rather low on my list of priorities. Those of you who also look at my "arty" blog, as opposed to this one which is my "wordy" blog, will know that I have been joining in a few photographic and illustrative challenges from time to time. I like to get real comments, constructive criticism is always welcome, but I know from looking at the contributions of other people that it can be difficult because there is no universally accepted form of notation for a tone of voice. When my husband started his OU course on computing the thing they called "netiquette" was heavily featured and it is something we can all do with learning about from time to time. The problem for me at the moment is that although I manage to do the challenges I don't always have the time to start trawling through all the other contributions and then I find it difficult sometimes to know what to say so I just slink off again without saying anything. So naturally I don't get a lot of comments either. So what do you think - is it better to stay quiet, say what you really think but being careful how you say it, or just say "how lovely" to everything whatever your real thoughts? It is such a subjective thing anyway.
The bathroom is coming on and the latex went down on the floor this afternoon. Much fun was had at the weekend as we went to the local swimming pool so that I could give OH a hose down in their disabled adapted shower room. Does anyone remember when Public Baths meant something other than a swimming pool? Are there any in big cities still?
I also had to go to the hospital for an appointment with a consultant and he suggested we get a Wii, so we did. Aren't they a lot of money! Anyway, my Wii Fit age right handed is 74 and left handed is 62. That gives me a lot to work for as my real age is only 54 and three quarters!


  1. Ohh what a good post. Like you I try the arty tasks and love real comments, even if it just proves someone looked at it for more than 2 seconds. Equally though when I have a spate of trying to comment on other peoples posts I struggle after 'great use of colour' or 'clever interpretation of the theme' etc.

    On the baths front.... I remember going to the baths in Cardiff, where such things a slipper baths and the Turkish bath still existed at the municipal pools. They also served baked beans on toast in the cafe inside the turkish baths!

  2. Oooh - I know what you mean, I try to hop across as many blogs as possible but agree it's hard to leave comments on them all! I did start by commenting on everybody who commented on mine but some weeks even that's too much to cope with!

    Can't wait to see the finished bathroom!