Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A-T Summer Rainbow RED

Over at Alphabe-Thursday it is the school holidays but Mrs Matlock, being a hard task-mistress, has given us homework to do so we are now going through the colours of the rainbow. Yes, here in the UK we spell it "colour", I didn't make a mistake Mrs M!
So I thought about the colour red and looked round my house and garden and thought some more and then I remembered that somewhere I had some photos of my old cars.
Let me introduce you to PGT 427E.

I bought this car in 1976 and it was quite old then. It was the first car I owned after passing my driving test. Technically I had owned a Morris Minor before that because I had lent my dad the money to buy it and he drove it and gave me some lessons but it was sold before I was able to drive it on my own.
"Piglet" was a Triumph Herald Estate. It had no heater, no radio, no power assisted anything and rack and pinion steering which was famous for giving it a wheel lock like a London taxi, which meant you could turn it full circle in not much more than its own length. It was therefore a really easy car to park. It had a walnut veneered dashboard though and I loved it. It cost me £80 and I sold it for £25 two years later. Funny how I can't remember the registration of any other old cars but always remember the first
Now I have a little question for my American readers. Is it the case that you do not eat runner beans? Someone told me that you grow scarlet runners like this for the flowers but don't eat the pods and I didn't believe them. Here's one I have grown but the beans aren't setting very well this year, maybe because there don't seem to be many bees about.

HERE is where you can see what "Red" has brought to other minds


  1. I love the car and as for beans yummy. Great reminders for you

  2. Nothing beat vintage RED! Love that car!

  3. I'm not familiar with runner beans~ love the car though :-)

  4. Hi again!

    My first boyfriend had a red Triumph Vitesse - this has brought back so many bitter sweet memories! (And love runner beans too!)

    Have a lovely weekend,


    PS Mine this time is HERE. Hope you can stop by!

  5. Nothing beats a red car - very good taste in cars!
    I grow Scarlet Runner beans for the foliage and flowers, but we eat them in Canada.

  6. You know, I don't think I've ever owned a red car! I've had a few red pickups

  7. Never had a red car but can clearly remember most of our registration numbers - my first one was TUT 234H!!!

  8. I love the car. I had a red car for several years. It was a blast.

  9. you made me laugh out loud...i love the lack of transition between the car and the runner beans!

    i know of runner beans but don't think i have eaten them..
    your car is adorable and i love that you call it piglet...i name my cars too!

  10. The car is awesome! It looks like something that my mother would have had.


  11. What a cute car...darling post..bkm

  12. I don't know what runner beans are, but the flowers are pretty. I'm wondering what you make with the beans.

    There's nothing like your first car. I wish I had pictures of mine.

  13. What a fun walk down your memory lane!

  14. Oh what a charming, charming link to Alphabe-Thursdays summer school.

    I adore your first car. And I always want to spell color "colour", too. My first boyfriend was a musician and an Englishman. All his songs used that wording and I am still fascinated by it.

    We haven't tried those beans...the flowers are lovely. I suspect they might not grow here in the desert but I am going to check it out, the color is so luscious.

    Thank you for linking!

    I really, really enjoyed this post!


  15. I love your first car. Great memory....the first car...isn't it. Mine was a sky blue Toyota Corolla. Good red post!

  16. what a groovy little first car! and yup, in canada, we eat those beans ... and they do make nice foilage and flowers!

  17. adorable car!! I have no knowledge of these beans. they look pretty though.

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