Thursday, 9 September 2010

Alphabe-Thursday Summer Purple

It's the last week of Jenny's summer school and the colour is purple. At least I hope it is, I haven't checked, maybe it is mauve, or lilac, or amethyst. Anyway, I decided to spare you my purple prose and send you a couple of purple pictures instead. Oops, it's violet, oh well they still qualify

See what others were inspired to do HERE


  1. Gorgeous! It calls for a haiku:

    Violet skies above
    Purple waters run quite deep
    Lonely man canoes

  2. I love the pictures. It looks like a very regal and mystical land.

  3. beautiful images ... they look so peaceful

  4. The colors and images are lovely! peaceful and joyous at the same time.

  5. Beautiful pictures with all shades of purple - violet, lavender, shading to pinks and blues...lovely.

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  6. Lovely paintings! Atmospheric! Romantic!
    (There's nothing wrong with your 'purple prose' either!)
    I am dipping into the world of film for this violet-post.
    Best wishes,
    Anna's Rainbow Violet

  7. These are super timeless,
    love it, it is delightful to look at it.

  8. Super paintings...wonderful post...and 5thsister's haiku sets it right...Peace and blessings

  9. What gorgeous water colors. Are these yours? I read it again to see if you said so I hope I'm not being dense.

    These are such timeless images for such a beautiful color.

    They felt so serene on this boring, hot Arizona Saturday afternoon.

    Thank you for linking to Rainbow Summer School.

    I am always intriqued by what you share.