Sunday, 26 September 2010

A Mystery Solved!

Something slightly spooky happened yesterday.
Do you have clear memories of places or events which you cannot place? I have a few and one of them is walking along a badly lit, very long, corridor in a basement, with lots of wires and pipes running along the length of the ceiling and a room where people were sitting a drinking coffee. It is such a clear picture in my mind but until yesterday I wasn't even sure if it was somewhere I had really been or something I had dreamt. Then I watched a programme about the history of The Battle of Britain. It was on a few nights ago but I had taped it. The commentator was talking about a place where German pilots who had been shot down were taken, prior to being placed in camps. The name of the place was Trent Park which is where my father went to Teacher Training College in the early 1960s. I had been with my father several times, when he had to be at college and I was on half term holiday. I recognised the big staircase and entrance hall. And then, on the screen I saw my corridor, as the presenter of the programme walked along it. It did exist! The room had been a student's common room. It was a very odd feeling.
HERE is a photo of the building

Now if only I could pin down when and where and why I helped someone paint an old merry-go-round horse!


  1. That was a lucky find.. I have some memories that I'm not sure are real or dreams..

    I've not seen that building but there is a lovely country park there called Trent Park that I visited not that long ago!

  2. It must feel good to have that mystery solved. I too have bits and pieces floating around in the murk of memory and would love to have them identified.
    What a gorgeous place to go to teacher training!

  3. I have smell memories too... I have a totally distinct memory of the smell of my nursery school. Sort of cabbagey yet different.. I smelt it once in hospital too, and I was almost shocked at the recognition.