Monday, 14 March 2011

The Social Whirl

Life has been very busy and lots of fun this last week or so! I seem to have acquired a social life all of a sudden. Well, no, that's not quite true, it has been building up since we moved here, but everything happened at once, or so it appeared at the time.
Last Saturday (the 5th) I took the friend that I now call HeatherA to meet my mum. H wanted to go to a shop in Felixstowe that sells zips in every colour you can think of so that she could make some little quilted bags (more details HERE ) We had talked about her (she?) and mum meeting up so the opportunity was taken. Of course, all those horrid people on Twitter made comments about when to buy a hat, did mum ask her about her prospects etc, but we ignored them. We are just good friends. And our husbands will confirm that. After coffee at mum's and shopping we went to the Spa Pavilion and had a bacon sarnie for lunch and then a walk along the front where we got cold and wet because it rained. The Spa is a bit basic but the bacon is especially good and you can sit in a window and people watch, and see the sea. I still haven't got the necessary to download photos from my phone so HERE is a photo someone else took
On Monday my cousin Christine came to visit. She is the eldest daughter of my mum's sister JOAN
who passed away nearly 18 months ago. We also went to visit mum and did lots and lots of talking. This is us

Then in the evening I rang my friend Marion, who I have known for 45 years (!) and we talked for over an hour
On Tuesday I went for coffee in the morning to the friend I now call HeatherB. I met her at the service I took at the Seaton Road Methodist Church a couple of weeks ago. We have a lot in common and I hope our friendship will grow.
Then in the evening I made pancakes for me and hubby and two friends who both live on their own. They had both commented that it wasn't (in their opinions) worth making them for yourself only so I have invited them both each year to share with us, but this was the first time they were both free to come.
On Wednesday I didn't do much.
What it is to be popular!

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