Friday, 11 March 2011

Worth asking

I am a law abiding citizen. I was a lawyer. Not that the two are necessarily always mutually inclusive (LOL) Now I love to crochet and I find it a lot easier than knitting but I can (sort of ) knit too. So I was delighted with a book that I recently bought (not saying which one yet as am in negotiation with the publisher for a freebie to use as a giveaway) I thought that the patterns, which are for something small and cute, would be great for making and selling locally, but I was aware that there might be a copyright issue. I contacted the publisher and explained my dilemma and, amzingly, they said that, yes, I would have to pay a royalty one each item sold UNLESS I could make a label that credited the book, with a picture of the front cover and the publisher's website, then they would accept that in lieu. I am so glad I asked.


  1. Good heavens - an unbelievable number of crafters would be in great trouble over this. Can't you just add your own stitches, or do a button hole differently?

  2. That's ridiculous, I'd just make, sell and not tell!

    How would they ever know? after all it's you who have done the hard work, and they've put the pattern out there in a book for public use!!

    It's not like you stole the patterns!