Monday, 29 August 2011

Perfect Sunday

Yesterday was such a very particularly lovely day. I took the morning service at a little chapel in Trimley St Martin. The original building was badly damaged in the hurricane that came in the 80s so it is a modern building now, with the most stunning stained glass window. One of my cousins and a friend of his came to the service too and then back for dinner and the timer on my oven worked, so we ate on time (Hurrah!) Then the daughter of one of my other cousins popped in with her husband and two boys and it was hugs all round and a cup of tea. After they went cousin no 1 did some very helpful bits of DIY for us while I took his friend for a walk. It was a day filled with love and fun and friendship and was just perfect from beginning to end


  1. Sounds absolutely fabulous! Glad you had such a good day together!

  2. oh how brilliant a day! you deserve some good friendly time, too much stress around for us all. Let's hope we all have more of it soon :)

  3. Those perfect days should be documented!