Monday, 29 August 2011

Trip to T&M

At the end of July I went for a look round the trial grounds of Thompson and Morgan A friend had the opportunity to get tickets for a private view, prior to their open weekend. Another friend came with us. Now I have known these two friends since we were 11, we were all at school together, but they hadn't seen each other since my 21st birthday party, which is a couple of years ago now (!)
It was lovely to see so many flowers all together and we all bought some very reasonably priced plants and we all talked and talked and talked and it was a lovely day. Everone was given a free packet of verbena seeds and a little blue verbascum plant - a new variety and quite expensive in the catalogue so I hope I can keep mine alive! When we got back to mine we all took some cuttings of each others plants too, so far most of mine are surviving! I took a lot of photos and some of them are over on the other blog, just click HERE

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