Sunday, 8 July 2018

My lovely birthday weekend

Having struggled to get back into blogger I can now tell you all about what a great energy filled weekend I have had..
On Friday I went and got my new glasses and then, out of the blue, I had an invitation to lunch from my lovely friend Isabel. We went to The Pavilion in Woodbridge and sat and chatted about stuff and had a fab sandwich each which was just stuffed with stuff and had side salad, dressing and crisps, and then we had three scoops of ice cream and a little walk.
On Saturday I was full of beans and did a huge clean and tidy in the kitchen following the nightmare invasion of ants the day before. I also dyed a pair of trousers and a top. I had a siesta and then did quite a lot in the garden after tea (smoked salmon and Russian salad followed by stewed apricots with home grown black currants)
Sunday.My birthday. Church after getting Alan’s newspaper. Spent quite a long time with a visitor who was very distressed. Home, coffee. Toasted Camembert and red currant jelly sandwich. Siesta. Took up two pairs of trousers, more tidying in the kitchen. Read my book (At Risk by Stella Remington)
Dinner. Maple glazed gammon, croquettes,  cabbage and leek, followed by lemon cheese cake with home grown raspberries. Did some watering. Oh and there was a bottle of Chardonnay and a huge box of chocolates from my beloved. Watered the pots and the remaining black currants and raspberries, and strawed  the strawberries.
I have not been on much pain, lots of peeps said happy birthday and I feel lovely and loved and happy. Going to finish the wine now and read some more and give the hubby a big cuddle before I go to bed

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