Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday Stealing 30/08

This meme has slightly scuppered my intention to only have sweetness and joy on my blog but I've done it anyway. By the way, if you copy and paste the questions into Word and then when you have typed your answers you save it as a plain text file, then open it again and copy it you can paste straight into your post and it saves a lot of typing.

what are your most common nicknames?
Not aware of any that other people have given me apart from Fred when I was little and jaydubblah which I gave myself

what is today's weather?
Sunny but autumnal

where did go on vacation this year?
Haven't been away for at least 15 years

what did you do there?
See above

where did you stay?
See above

what job do you do?
Half way between book keeper and accounts manager

describe where you live.
Just outside a large town but I can see trees

what do you usually do on weekends?
Housework Saturday, church Sunday, read, walk.

what food hits your 'bliss spot'?
Sorry, can't really think of anything for this. I like all sorts of food (and drink) but couldn't say there's anything I couldn't do without

what drink really does it for you?
see above

describe the first friend that comes to your head.
Tall, blonde, left handed

what was the last restaurant you went to?
I don't get out much - oh yes, I just remembered lunch at a place called Arlington's

where would you like to live if you had unlimited moneys and nothing stopping your dreams?

what is the likeliness of you achieving this dream home?

what do you like to do in your spare time?
Read, walk, crafting, play games on Facebook

what's your favorite genre for TV programs?

what's your favorite genre for music?
Depends on my mood. Could be Alice Cooper, could be Vivaldi

what's your favorite song that's sad?
Voir un ami pleurer by Jacques Brel

what's your favorite soppy film?
Don't like soppy films

how about your favorite chick flick?
Don't think I've ever seen one

what are you looking forward to at the moment?
Finishing this meme

what are you dreading at the moment?

how would you describe your personality?
My modesty is my best quality

if you had a personality eraser, what part of yours might you erase?
Getting in a tiz

you are given $5000 to spend in 1 day, what do you do with it? remember, no limitations!
Do up my mum's flat for her

what is your biggest fear?
Being old and lonely.


  1. Wow- 15 years!

    Have a great Sunday.

  2. I really like your choice for your 'favorite' music. Eclectic.

    My Sunday Stealing is now posted. Hope you can stop by to join me...HERE.

  3. Glad you're getting out there Fred! Watch those visitors from far and wide - maybe we'll take ourselves on a trip some day - visit some of the escotics sounding places our visitors arrive from!

  4. I've also noticed I start to get tired of most memes after 10-15 questions!