Thursday, 14 March 2013

5:2 The second week

This is probably very boring, but it’s part of the process of keeping me at it so bear with me
I fasted again on the Tuesday, my first meal was about 1.00 pm and I had my home made veg soup and a tiny protein sandwich again which all came to 175 calories.  It was a beautiful day and I was able to hang washing out which always makes me feel better (dear me, I really do need to get a life don’t I LOL)  I did usual sort of housework things and crafting things and caught up with a bit of tele that I had recorded and we had our evening meal at 7.30pm Steamed cod and lots of veg but no carbs and then a little dollop of stewed fruit after.  That only came out at 275 so I allowed myself 20 cals worth of tomato ketchup on the fish and it made a big difference.  So, Tuesdays total 450

As I started this on a Thursday I weighed and measured myself the following Thursday (7th March) I was very disappointed to find that my weight had only dropped by 1lb, my bust and hips and fat content were unchanged and my waist had gone UP by an inch!  I can honestly say that I did not eat any more than usual on my normal days, in fact, having learned that what I was interpreting as hunger was in fact thirst, I had probably eaten a bit less.  So I was a bit downhearted to say the least.  But, I know not everyone reacts to these things the same way.  However, I decided not to blog until another week had passed and I would hopefully then have some better news.
I had my next fast day on the Saturday.  I do wonder if part of my problem is the lack of exercise.  The weather was foul so I really didn’t want to go out for a walk, and I am still a bit worried about coming over all peculiar while I am out, so I thought I might do a bit on the Wii.  Managed 20 mins and it said I had burnt 75 calories.  I am not going to tell you what my WiiFit age was, but that was because I got confused over the memory test. Total was 480 cals

Tuesday was difficult.  Unusually I felt a bit hungry when I woke up and although my morning coffee (which I always have black without sugar anyway) helped a bit, I was looking forward to my soup from quite early on.  I had been intending trying to go the whole day but it was not to be.  Maybe the little bit of exercise I did the day before, walking to the heath and back in the driving snow, had something to do with it.  Steamed fish and veggies, followed by the bit of stewed apple I rescued from the burning saucepan (yes, I did it again!) and I was able to afford a dollop of yoghurt on it. 430 calories! But only because the bit of fish was smaller than I realised.
And now it is Thursday. I did my weighing and measuring this morning.  The waist is back to 35, so that’s something, otherwise measurements as before, fat content unchanged, weight down another 1lb.  Disheartened.  And I’ve been feeling quite depressed all week, to the point that I let off quite a bit of steam at Bible study on Monday, which is not like me.  Suddenly, after a long time of not minding, I wish I could have a holiday.  But, enough of this!!!!  Onwards and upwards.

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