Thursday, 28 March 2013

5:2 Fourth week

I started this week (on a Thursday) by seriously considering giving this whole thing up.  It probably didn’t help that we went out to lunch (not something we do very often) and so when I weighed myself on the Saturday (just out of curiosity) I had gone back to 10st 6lbs. It was a fast day and by mid-morning I was feeling very grumpy and hungry and really not concentrating at all well.  This was a pain, because I wanted to start planning for the service I have in a fortnight and it made it very difficult so I had to give up on that and that made me even more grumpier.  So then I had a think and I decided that I wouldn’t have a fast day after all, but I would have a “eat as little as I am comfortable with” day instead.  I went and had some toast and marmalade, felt much better and got on really well, with a short break for some very frugal soup and another slice of toast.  My frugal soup was all the spare veg I had in the fridge, a bit of chilli and a tin of tomatoes, boiled up and then pureed, it gave me several portions that worked out at 35 calories each – yes, THAT frugal.  Scrambled egg and salmon plus stewed fruit and yogurt in the evening, but I didn’t count the calories because I DIDN’T WANT TO!
So, on Sunday I decided to have another very good day but not an actual fasting day.  Just my prunes with a bit of yogurt but no cereal in the morning. Frugal soup and toast at lunchtime,  and due to major cock-up on the catering front, beans on toast for dinner.
Yesterday (Wednesday) I must just have been in the right mood.  I had finished my dinner by 7.00 p.m on Tuesday and didn’t eat again until 7.00 p.m. ! Apart from my morning coffee I just had water, sometimes with a dash of lemon juice, and then in the evening I thoroughly enjoyed steamed cod, lots of veg, rice pudding and stewed apple. 490 calories. I didn’t sleep very well tho’
And now it is Thursday again.  My measurements are still the same, my trousers are still as tight, although I am down to 10st 3lbs (but that’s after the fast so it will go up again)  So what am I doing wrong?  I promise I am not going mad in between, in fact this week I have been extra good all week after last Thursday’s blow out.  Answers on a post card please…


  1. There's a link on for Questions and Answers and has a couple of conversations/information about 'what to do if not losing weight'. Quite a lot of responses on those topics so might have some useful clue for you? xx

  2. Thanks V. Old grumpy here again! I looked at the web site but there seems to be a lot of questions on the subject but no answers. And I have lost a bit of weight, and of course, I won't lose that fast as I don't have far to go, but I still don't understand how my measurements stay so big and haven't really changed at all. When I go clothes shopping the assistants never beleive me when I say I need a 16 (or a 34G :-( ) and I don't think I look that big either, so am I just full of hot air?

  3. Oh Janet, you made me laugh with that last question :-) bless you! Guess the answer is that we are all different. So, no answer at all, really. Hugs xx