Saturday, 24 October 2009

Lovely day, lovely day...

I have you know, I've had a lovely day. Woke up when I was ready to - always a good start. Hubby already up and porridged, he was feeling well which always cheers me up. Usual chat with mum at 8 then off for a walk through the woods to get hubby's paper and some chicken from our terrific butcher. Saw two people that I knew. Off to Ipswich to get shirt for hubby, things from the craft shop to make Christmas cards and then to Arlingtons to meet easternsparkle for lunch. She is my friend I met on the internet about 50 years ago. Time always flys when we meet and the next step is now in the planning, which is the meeting of the husbands! Got waylaid in BHS on the way back to the bus stop.
Had a little rest then cooked huge pan of chicken and tarragon stew, froze some for us, some smaller portions for mum and the juice with pearly barley and lentils for soup. And had a glass or two. Now considering my artistic endeavours for my other blog.
Ain't life grand!

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  1. Fifty years - wow!! Glad you enjoyed your day and pleased to be part of it! Happy card making!