Monday, 5 October 2009

This was going to be a film review but.....

Monday is washing and shopping in the morning and Bible Study in the afternoon. It has been drizzly today, very autumnal, but cold and damp. On the walk to the Vicarage I saw a lot of those spider's webs all picked out with the rain drops. Next misty morning we get I shall be out there with the camera. Hubby still feeling a bit grotty when I got home so put my feet up in front of the tele with the CD of Frost/Nixon. I enjoyed it. I remember all the fuss at the time so for me it was interesting to find out a bit about the background. Also, I am a Frank Langella fan. He was gorgeous about 35 years ago in "Dracula" but hasn't made many films, he's more a stage actor I think. And I knew David Frost's mum. His father was the minister at Beccles Methodist Church (before I was there) and his mum lived in Beccles and was a member of the congregation at the same time I was. I liked her. I remember watching That Was The Week That Was, with Millicent Martin in her lovely black cocktail dresses singing the topical song every week. Do I really remember the one when JFK was assasinated or is it just that I have seen it since? Did I say I enjoyed the film? Yes, well I do recommend it.

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  1. What a fabulous photo! I went to get my camera the other evening for the full moon - a couple of minutes delay meant it disapeared behind the clouds :(