Sunday, 25 October 2009

wooooo hoooooo

That's my attempt to make a noise like a ghost, didn't really work did it. Anyway, we went to Sutton Hoo again this afternoon and I took 63 photos and had a jolly good walk. OH borrowed the buggy for the bit of the walk that it can manage and then after tea and cake he went in the exhibition hall and I went for a walk down a couple of the less beaten tracks. This photo kind of sums up one aspect of the place but I got some lovely tree pictures too which I will share in due course. The trees are not really turning that well this year but some have a bit and maybe in a week or so they will look better. Hubby reckons it will be too cold for him to go soon. I had a top up practice in his car too, just getting my brain round driving the automatic from time to time means I don't worry about the possibility of having to drive it in an emergency. It's a lot bigger than my car too. So all in all it's been a great weekend

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  1. The photo looks kind of spooky, I'm sure the house at the top is haunted! lol