Friday, 2 September 2016

Trial run

Test "run" carried out on shoes and tracker this morning. The shoes are very comfortable, hurrah! I forgot to look at what the tracker had registered before I went out so at first I thought the miles were astonishingly accurate as when I got home it said 1.3 miles and that was what my footpath app made it as well. But I am pretty sure that there were about 400 on it before I went out. It hasn't got a facility to enter stride length. Not that it would help much because after striding out for a while my steps got a lot shorter.
I felt hungry when I got back so I had a glass of water, but I would have done that anyway.
The tracker said I went to sleep at 22.50 last night. It was wrong as I know I was still awake at 23.15. But it will be interesting to see how the deep/light sleep ratio changes.
It won't let me tell it what day my week starts, so I will be going from Sunday to Saturday for the stats.
I also remembered that I have one of those things that are meant to measure body fat. Like the bracelet, I don't think it is all that accurate but it doesn't really matter, so long as the figure starts going down.
It isn't feasible to accurately count my calories every day so I will do that on the days it is and just be sensible on other days. The bracelet only counts calories burnt during steps so I can add my resting calorie burn which is estimated at 1400.
The psychological aspect of counting etc has a benefit in itself.
If you have been thanks for listening xx

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