Saturday, 5 September 2009

Ladies who lunch #1

When I was doing a proper job in the 1980s lunch was part of the package. In those days there was an almost bottomless petty cash box and I was expected to take out and be taken out by diverse bank managers, estate agents, the occasional barrister, property developers and the like. As a then single girl it was very useful as I didn't have to cook when I got home but it did mean being nice to people that I might not have otherwise chosen to spend time with (except that barrister, he was gorgeous) Now I have the infinitly more pleasant experience of only spending my occasional lunches out with people who I have chosen and, strange though it may seem, who have chosen me.
Today was my second lunch with she of the random ramblings. We were going to go to Arlingtons again but they were very full so we went back to a little place (positively bijou, my dear) that I had seen earlier and graced them with our presence instead. RR knows how to do the thingy with the link, I must find out how myself sometime, so you will have to visit her blog (see right) to get there but it was called Morgans and is in Arcade Street. Two hours fled by and we learned some more about each other and smiled sweetly at the two ladies who were running the joint as we interrupted their tea when we left.
When I got home it was to find that my new printer had arrived with its promise of hours of fun and frolics trying to get it installed. In fact all seems to have gone well so I can start playing with that tomorrow after Sunday Stealing.

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