Monday, 21 September 2009

My Pride and Joy

A good gardening weekend. I planted about 120 bulbs, some in the garden and some in pots. This meant weeding and digging first and so I did it in easy bites, having a little lie down and reading an old "Saint" book in between. Also took about 150 cuttings from various plants and tucked them up in my new pride and joy, a little plastic greenhouse. I've been trying to find a good old fashioned cold frame but they seem to be horrendously expensive and I have a horror of broken glass so this seems like a good compromise. Any bets on what percentage will survive?
Now here's a positive thought. I had said that over the last couple of weeks I didn't do half the things I had planned, but this morning I thought "I did at least half the things I planned" and felt much better.
If you have been, thanks for reading

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