Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Secret Garden Part one

I'm working some extra hours this week so I can take a break next week. So for once I took a proper lunch break and ate my sandwiches in the garden of the place where I work. It's a very old building with a very old garden. The bosses mum has been doing it up and then someone suggested that the art gallery could overflow there in the summer. I don't know why I haven't been out there for a while but it blew me away. If I ever feel like packing in this job the garden and access to it might just change my mind. I am going to tantalise you with just one photo for now but there will be more and they are worth it i promise. There was a baby blackbird there but having surveyed me with that serious look that baby birds have, and not moved as I walked round it, it got camera shy so I'll try again tomorrow. You see, there are silver linings everywhere if you take the trouble to look.

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