Friday, 18 September 2009

A lovely day

My plan for doing lots of work at home while I could forget about office work for a couple of weeks have not quite gone according to said plan and so yesterday I made the decision to stop trying and have a couple of days rest. As we don't travel far we decided to go to Sutton Hoo (I may or may not have achieved a hyperlink at this point) which is somewhere we go a lot. Hubby can borrow a motorised buggy as pushing a wheelchair round there would be well nigh impossible and it's somewhere that we both find very restful when the school holidays are over and we are no longer in danger of being mown down by screaming kids. Mind you, in term time you can get caught by the occasional crocodile. Anyway, we got there for an early lunch and then went for a walk and I found a place to sit and try and sketch a bit while H sat and read The Week and took my photo on the sly. The sun was very bright and hot but pleasingly tempered by the light wind, it was quiet enough to hear birds singing and the trees did that thing they do in the breeze. The first time we went there it was a dull damp day and quie spooky as there was no one else there but now it is a bit more popular I doubt we will catch that atmosphere again easily. No matter, it is still a calm and serene place to go. I have been for a walk through the woods (buggy not up to that path so he has to go and have another cup of tea) but didn't today. So we both sat on the veranda with tea and cake and people watched for a while. I forgot to go in the second hand book shop this time - might leave a few Book Crossing books next time I am there.
Then to cap it all I came home and found two new followers on my blog - what more could a girl want!

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  1. Oh I say! Hyperlink queen or what! Sounds like you had a great day - lovely photo by the way!