Saturday, 28 November 2009

Almost there

I know I should go and start clearing the garden but my chocolate cosmos is still flowering so I'll leave it a bit longer, when I have more time - which is about to be the case!
I have found it a bit difficult to blog these last few weeks as I handed in my notice but couldn't say anything about it for reasons I won't bore you with. Consequently I have been working extra hours to catch up a lot of stuff and write a "manual" for my successor plus mum hasn't been well so I have had extra shopping and cooking to do. Then I fell over in the garage and had almighty backache. BUT, as this blog is always positive, I am delighted to say that a successor has been found and as soon as her ruptured achilles tendon has improved I will be FREE, FREE I TELL YOU, FREE.
For a while anyway. The plan is to take a 6 month break, catch up with housework, do a bit of painting (artistic not house) reading, helping mum and OH with whatever they need help with and getting my little ailments under control. And blogging of course. A nostalgiafest probably so you will need to be a certain age to get some of it. Like laundry marks and little doors marked "off licence" and the milk being delivered twi8ce a day.
Watch this space

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