Thursday, 19 November 2009

What is it about sparrows?

I went for a walk this afternoon as I had been slaving over a hot computer all morning and had a really sore back. It was a bit windy to go through the woods so I went along the cycle track that follows the line of the original farm track and went and saw my second favourite tree and said hello (Cue song "I talked to the trees - and then they took me away")
In the hedges there is often a flock of sparrows. Now where I used to live we had huge flocks of sparrows, maybe 30 or more, but here we never get any in the garden and I miss them. So I stopped and watched the sparrows in the hedge. I stood very still and after a while they came and watched me and it made me feel very happy. So what is it about sparrows that is so cheerful?

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