Monday, 14 December 2009

A Birthday Poem for my friend

There's a lady name of Sparkle
She's a star that's in the East
She's a super powered hero
Wonder Woman at the least
And she's very calm and quiet
And you'll never see her frown
Unless some footy upstarts
Go and beat old Ipswich Town
She's half an empty nester
One son's moving out real soon
But it doesn't bother Sparkle
(Who's that baying at the moon?)
And if you should upset her
Don't you worry that she might
Hit you with one of her handbags
'cos to pick one takes all night

Happy Birthday H


  1. Love it! As one who has actually met the wonder woman herself this is just a brilliant poem to describe her. What a fantastic gift!

  2. Diane - aka Sweep - Ipswich Central Bank15 December 2009 at 11:10

    AAh thats a lovely poem to write for a lovely lady - and yes she does sparkle - very apt name. Happy Birthday Sparkle lady x

  3. Oh jeeeezzz, I don't know what to say - nobody has ever done anything like this before for me - Thanks J - from the bottom of my heart, by the way this woman is very talented, you should have seen the card she sent me! xxx