Saturday, 12 December 2009

Christmas is coming

Every year I say I will cut down my Christmas Card list - yes, you guessed it, every year I say but I never do. It is nice to know that people think of you, even if it is once a year although I wish people would tell me what they have been up to. I know there are those that eel a "round robin" is a bit impersonal but I always feel that I would rather have something than nothing. Usually I do one of those and add a bit where appropriate but for various reasons I didn't get round to it and then when I came to do the cards this week inpiration was sadly lacking so I decided to do it within the boundaries of this blog and just send people the link so they can look if they want to. (You can too if you want, just look right) Not that I find anything very rivetting to say, but next year - oh, next year, all that lovely free time I am going to have, who knows what might occur.

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