Friday, 11 December 2009

Family Christmas Letter

Hello Family and Friends. I am sorry that I didn't get round to doing a proper letter in with your cards this year. It's all been a bit fraught! Anyway, as anyone in the whole wide world can read this if they come across it I will keep things a bit vague but you will know who I mean. Hubby is fine now but gave me two scares. Firstly, just into the New Year 2009 he had another TIA (mini stroke) then in June he was very seriously ill for a few days because his medication caused an ulcer and he had to have 4 pints of blood and really frightened me. So glad we live near the hospital now so I was able to visit twice a day and boy was he glad to get home. I also had a bit of a scare but it turned out OK in the end (those who know what I am talking about will get the pun)I also decided, for various reasons, to give up my job and take a break but I only left last week and what with mum having been quite poorly recently as well that is why the cards are late and I am only now getting this letter done. Sadly mum's sister died in October. She had been very ill for a few months following her stroke from 10 years ago.
We both changed our cars. Hubby qualified for the scrappage on his 12 year old Mondeo so got a Focus and I got a second hand Fiesta that was a good deal and top of the range, trading in my 9 year old. The bathroom never did get done, very badly let down by the builder, all very upsetting. So, also for various reasons but pressure of other people's needs being one, I had to stop my studies and it is very unlikely I will be going back to them.
And, as you see, I have become a Blogger, and Twitterer and Facebooker and have made one very good real friend along the way and a few virtual ones. I know, but I don't get out much these days. If you look at my other blog( click here ) you can see some of the art work I have been doing for challenges and on this blog (click on the "Just Jotting Along" banner at the top there are some photos and the rest of my musings if you have time.
I am working on getting hubby to start up his own blog too!
We still go to Sutton Hoo a lot as it is one place close by where we can get quite a good lunch and a walk in the fresh air.
I have left this open to comment by anyone so do leave a message if you have dropped by. HAPPY CHRISTMAS


  1. All my (very estranged) Aunts and Uncles got from me this year is.. I hope you are well!

    They could have even passed away by now and no one told me, they haven't sent a card to me for about 3 years now!

  2. Good Idea - I think I may follow suit! I quite like the round robins but always feel guilty for sending them! Not sure my family would actually read the blog if I sent a link anyway!!I know - I could put one of my 'business cards' in the envelopes with the cards - fab idea!!

  3. I work on the basis that a round robin is better than no'ut - I quite like the ones I get from other people. I'm tempted to try a handwriting font and see if anyone notices... hmmm cunning plan Baldrick